TTK’s Inspiration Playlist

It can be stressful managing a nine-to-five gig with personal creative time. After working on a job for hours, it’s easy to want to relax when we get home. So how can we make time to work toward our dreams?

I often take a quick 45 minute nap, wake up, paint and design until I reach a desirable pausing point. What helped me persevere was lots and lots of music. Since I’m usually alone while painting, music is what keeps me awake and highly motivated.

Need a push?  Enjoy this playlist of songs that have been inspirational to me over the years. Each song has helped me push forward on the path to achieving my goals.



My Inspiration: A rogue cat in my studio

This cat climbs in my window when I am painting in my studio. It always walks around as though it owns the place! I have no idea where it comes from.

A Vintage Nervous Wreckords Swag Bag

Found this on the street. Memories.  Apple has acquired online city transit guide,, Bloomberg reports. Founded in 2005, by Nigerian tech entrepreneur,