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Ask anyone who knows TTK, and they’ll say that he’s just as knowledgeable about records as the most avid collector. The Brooklyn-based visual artist draws inspiration from cover art that he’s catalogued and stored away in his mind, using the vinyl as reference points for his own art.

Fellow FRANK columnist and legendary street Ricky Powell is a big fan of TTK’s work, and so are we, which is why we asked him to come onboard as a monthly contributor. Read up below as TTK explains the connection between the sonic and the visual in his column, Crates to Canvas.


In the spring of 1999, Rawkus Records released Sound Bombing II. The first single released (Read more)

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Back in the late ’90s, I used to buy a lot of those compilation albums. (Read more)

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Sometimes, hunting for a particular song leads to a catalog of greater songs. (Read more)

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For this month, my inspiration didn’t necessarily come from the crates (Read more)


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Around 6:45 a.m. on a cold November morning in 1993, my life changed. (Read more) 




In 2010, I was fortunate to be a part of a group art show named FotoGraffer. (Read more)


In 2010, I was fortunate to be a part of a group art show named FotoGraffer. (Read more)


I’ve been fascinated by music and art since I was around three years old. (Read More)


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